Metal Forming and Fabrication

Encoder Applications/Metal Forming and Fabrication

Encoders for Metal Forming and Fabrication

As an industry that dates back to the Bronze Age, metal forming and fabrication still has a place for manual processes. Like most modern industrial sectors, however, automated equipment is used by most commercial metal product producers. With automation comes the need for feedback devices, such as encoders. In metal forming and fabrication, encoders are used in automated machinery such as extruders, tube benders, presses, punches, drills, die formers, roll formers, folders, mills, welders, solderers, plasma cutters and waterjet cutters.

Motion Feedback in the Metal Forming Industry

Metal forming and fabrication machinery typically uses encoders for the following functions:

  • Motor Feedback – Vertical mills, lathes, punches, presses, extruders, welders
  • Conveying – Drive motors, belts, roll formers, folders, die formers
  • Registration Mark Timing – Vertical mills, welders, extruders
  • Backstop Gauging – Presses, extruders, tube benders, presses
  • X-Y Positioning – Punches, welders, solderers' drills
  • Web Tensioning – Spooling systems, roll formers

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