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Encoders for Wind Power Generation

High-resolution speed feedback in the wind turbine generator system can ensure a stable operation by enabling efficient control of power and torque. Generator shaft encoders have a key role in the wind turbine control loop system, and they have to be robust, durable and reliable. Be it doubly-fed asynchronous or synchronous equipment, the requirements that need to be met by the communications unit in the generator system are constantly increasing. Permanent magnet generators also require new feedback systems to measure the speed of rotation. Leine Linde supplies custom encoder solutions to meet all these challenging requirements.

Gertech generator encoders are easy to install. Their product design and mounting solutions are well thought-through. For example, the GMA-C series, which are robust magnetic ring encoders with a diameter up to two meters, were developed especially for the gearless direct drives and hybrid drives of wind turbines. The encoders can be equipped with additional scanning units to enable redundancy or extra output signals if this is of use in the system. And the classic encoder model 862 is also available in the form of a dual output solution, called model 865, providing two electrically isolated output signals from one single casing.

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