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Encoder Applications/Mobile Equipments

Encoder for Mobile Equipments

Automated and electronically controlled systems abound in modern mobile equipment used in industries such as construction, material handling, mining, rail maintenance, agriculture, and firefighting. It’s critical that sensor technology be robust enough to handle the shock, vibration, dust, moisture and other hazards common to mobile equipment operating environments. For accurate control, an encoder provides reliable motion feedback.

Motion Feedback in the Mobile Equipment Industry

The mobile equipment industry typically uses encoders for the following functions:

  • Motor Feedback – Automated guided vehicles, mobile lifts, hoists
  • Registration Mark Timing – Hoist turrets, firefighting spray turrets, harvesters
  • Backstop Gauging – Railway inspection systems, extendable booms
  • Spooling – Crane/hoist reel monitoring, pipe inspection equipme




encoder for mobile equipment

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