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CANopen Encoder for Beam Carrier Application

The electric control system of the beam transport vehicle adopts CAN bus technology, and all electric control is realized by PLC relying on CAN-BUS field bus. The system structure is shown in the figure. The system adopts the absolute value encoder CAC58 of CAN bus protocol. This encoder has been tested in practical applications and can adapt to the harsh environment of field work, and it runs stably, safe and reliable.
The beam carrier is a multi-axis tire-type walking machine with multiple steering modes. The safe, reliable and accurate positioning of the beam transport vehicle determines whether the bridge erection work can be completed safely, quickly and with high quality. Therefore, the steering control of the beam transport vehicle determines the operability, stability, safety and safety of the beam transport vehicle. accuracy.
The steering of the traditional beam transporter is controlled mechanically, and the direction of the wheel and the swing range are controlled by a tie rod. The mechanical tie rod control system has the disadvantages of severe tire wear and limited swing range, so the construction efficiency is low and the construction period is affected. The current automatic control system uses an absolute encoder as the feedback of the steering angle and swing amplitude, and relies on CAN-BUS field bus control. The system successfully overcomes the problems of the tie rod control system. It has outstanding advantages such as fastness, stability, and high control accuracy. It can use different algorithms to achieve control according to the site conditions. Therefore, it drives a leap in the performance of the beam transport vehicle and effectively improves the frame. The efficiency and quality of bridge work.


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