New Product Recommendation

  • Profinet EtherNet Encoder

    Profinet EtherNet Encoder

    Model No.: GMA-S5810-1213-B4PELP Series

    Profinet implements the interfacing to peripherals.[1][2] It defines the communication with field connected peripheral devices. Its basis is a cascading real-time concept. Profinet defines the entire data exchange between controllers (called “IO-Controllers”) and the devices (called “IO-Devices”), as well as parameter setting and diagnosis. IO-Controllers are typically a PLCDCS, or IPC; whereas IO-Devices can be varied: I/O blocks, drives, sensors, or actuators. The Profinet protocol is designed for the fast data exchange between Ethernet-based field devices and follows the provider-consumer model.[1] Field devices in a subordinate Profibus line can be integrated in the Profinet system seamlessly via an IO-Proxy (representative of a subordinate bus system).(From Wikipedia) 

  • GS-SVZ35 Series Servo Motor Encoder

    GS-SVZ35 Series Servo Motor Encoder

    Internal use of ASIC devices, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference.The taper shaft is designed to be easy to slip, with small installation volume, wide resolution range, no signal regulation is required, with A B Z U V W six channel signal output, which can be connected with standard line drive (26LS31) RS422, can provide 12 output signals, compatible with TTL;
  • GE-A Series Sine/ Cosine Output Signals Gear Type Encoder

    GE-A Series Sine/ Cosine Output Signals Gear Ty...

    The GE-A Gear Type Encoders are non-contact incremental encoders for rotary speed and position measurement. Based on Gertech’s unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor technology, they provide orthogonal differential sin/cos signals with high quality, along with an index signal and their inverse signals. The GE-A series are designed for 0.3~1.0-module gears with different teeth numbers.