Textile Machinery

Encoder Applications/Textile Machinery

Encoders For Textile Machinery

In textile manufacturing machinery, encoders provide critical feedback for speed, direction, and distance. High-speed, precisely controlled operations such as weaving, knitting, printing, extruding, seaming, gluing, cut-to-length, and others are typical applications for encoders.

Incremental encoders are predominantly used in textile machinery, but absolute feedback is becoming more common as more complex controls systems are implemented.

Motion Feedback in the Textile Industry

The textile industry typically uses encoders for the following functions:

  • Motor Feedback – Weaving machinery, printing, knitting machinery
  • Registration Mark Timing – Seaming, gluing, cut-to-length systems
  • Backstop Gauging – Extrusion machinery, cut-to-length systems
  • X-Y Positioning – Cutting tables, gluing equipment




Encoder for Textile machinery

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