At Gertech, we are committed to providing innovative security solutions to the door and gate market. The latest addition to our product portfolio, the GI-D315 series wire-actuated encoders offer a measurement range of 0-10000mm, making them a versatile and reliable linear sensor package. This precision instrument consists of a drum wrapped with stainless steel cable, mounted on a rotary sensor, which can be an encoder or a potentiometer, depending on the performance required. As the wire is pulled from the spring-loaded drum, it rotates the sensor, producing a signal proportional to the length of wire pulled out.

The GI-D315 Series wire-actuated encoders are designed to improve safety and efficiency in a variety of applications. Its high accuracy and measurement range make it suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing and construction. The sensor provides accurate, real-time measurements, ensuring safety systems are equipped with reliable data to prevent accidents and improve overall operational efficiency.

Focused on meeting international standards for safety equipment, Gertech is committed to providing products that prioritize safety and reliability. The GI-D315 series of wire-actuated encoders demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge safety solutions. Whether used to monitor the movement of doors and gates or integrated into industrial machinery, this wire-actuated encoder provides a powerful and adaptable solution for a variety of safety applications.

In summary, the GI-D315 series of wire-actuated encoders is an important addition to Gertech’s product portfolio, providing a precise and versatile solution for safety systems. With its wide measurement range and high performance, the encoder is expected to improve safety and efficiency in different industries. Gertech continues to lead the development of innovative safety solutions, and the GI-D315 Series Wire Draw Encoders demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Post time: May-06-2024