Gertech Sensors, a leading provider of advanced motion control solutions, has launched the GSA-C series of CANopen single-turn bus-based absolute encoders, setting new standards for accuracy and reliability in motion-oriented machine control systems. The GSA-C series encoder is a single-turn absolute encoder with CANopen interface, which provides highly flexible configuration functions and is widely used in advanced manufacturing industries, automatic assembly lines and other fields.

The CANopen interface of the GSA-C series encoder is based on the CAN communication system, including high-level protocol and configuration file specifications. Originally designed for use in motion-oriented machine control systems such as handling systems, CANopen has become a standardized embedded network with unparalleled flexibility. This makes it an ideal choice for applications in many fields of advanced manufacturing such as textile machinery, hoisting machinery, CNC machine tools, experimental machines, water conservancy projects, wind power generation, packaging and printing machinery, etc.

The GSA-C Series encoder’s CANopen interface integrates seamlessly into existing motion control systems, providing precise and reliable feedback to improve performance and efficiency. With its single-turn absolute encoding capability, it provides accurate position information without the need for battery backup or homing routines, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing downtime. This makes it an ideal solution for applications where precise motion control is critical, such as CNC machines and cranes.

Gertech Sensors’ commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in the GSA-C series of CANopen singleturn bus-based absolute encoders, which are revolutionizing motion control in advanced manufacturing and beyond. With their advanced features, seamless integration and unparalleled reliability, the GSA-C Series encoders set a new benchmark for accuracy and performance in motion control applications.

Post time: May-30-2024