In the field of industrial automation and motion control systems, absolute encoders play a vital role in providing accurate and reliable feedback for position and speed control. The GMA-C series encoders are a powerful and versatile solution offering multi-turn functionality and CANopen interface communication.

The GMA-C series encoder is a multi-turn copper gear absolute encoder designed for motion-oriented machine control systems. One of its outstanding features is the CANopen interface, a CAN-based communication system that provides highly flexible configuration capabilities. Originally developed for motion control systems such as handling systems, CANopen has become a standardized embedded network protocol with a wide range of applications.

The GMA-C Series encoder’s CANopen interface allows seamless integration into complex automation systems, enabling reliable and efficient communication between the encoder and other devices on the network. This means that the encoder can provide real-time feedback of position and speed, allowing precise control and monitoring of motion processes.

In addition to communication capabilities, GMA-C Series encoders offer multiturn functionality, allowing them to track multiple rotations of a shaft without losing position information. This feature is particularly valuable in applications involving continuous rotation or requiring precise position tracking over long periods of time.

Overall, the GMA-C Series encoders are a powerful solution for industrial automation and motion control systems, offering the reliability and accuracy of absolute encoding with the flexibility and communication capabilities of a CANopen interface. Its multi-turn capability and seamless integration make it ideal for applications requiring high performance and precision.

In short, the GMA-C series of multi-turn absolute encoders based on the CANopen interface bus represent the forefront of absolute encoder technology, providing a powerful combination of multi-turn functionality and CANopen communication. As the needs of automation and motion control continue to evolve, the GMA-C Series encoders are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

Post time: Dec-06-2023