Profinet EtherNet Encoder

short description:

Model No.: GMA-S5810-1213-B4PELP Series

Profinet implements the interfacing to peripherals.[1][2] It defines the communication with field connected peripheral devices. Its basis is a cascading real-time concept. Profinet defines the entire data exchange between controllers (called “IO-Controllers”) and the devices (called “IO-Devices”), as well as parameter setting and diagnosis. IO-Controllers are typically a PLCDCS, or IPC; whereas IO-Devices can be varied: I/O blocks, drives, sensors, or actuators. The Profinet protocol is designed for the fast data exchange between Ethernet-based field devices and follows the provider-consumer model.[1] Field devices in a subordinate Profibus line can be integrated in the Profinet system seamlessly via an IO-Proxy (representative of a subordinate bus system).(From Wikipedia) 

Product Detail

Product Tags

▶Housing Diameter: 58mm;

▶Solid/blind hollow Shaft:10mm,12mm,15mm;

▶Interface: Profinet;

▶Number of the absolute ascertainable revolutions: 8192ppr(13Bits)         

▶Total number of turns:4096(12bits)

▶Supply Voltage:8-29v;

▶Output Code: Binary;

▶Vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant;

Product characteristics
Housing Dia.: 58mm
Solid Shaft Dia.: 10mm
Electrical Data
Resolution: ▶Number of the absolute ascertainable revolutions: 4096ppr(12Bits)         ▶Total number of turns:8192(13bits)
Interface: Profinet
Output Code: Binary, Gray, Gray Excess, BCD
Supply Voltage: 8-29V
Diagnostics Different faults and warnings for Memory, Temperature, Synchronization, Commissioning diagnostics, Commissioning invalid scaling, Communication, Master’s sign of life
Features Boot-Loader, Round Axis, Flashing LEDs
Transmission Rate 10/100 Mbit
Interface Cycle Time ≥ 1 ms
Programming Functions Resolution, time base and filter for velocity, preset, counting direction, IP-Address
Output Driver Ethernet
Supply Voltage 10 – 32 VDC
Start-Up Time < 1 s
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
EMC: Emitted Interference DIN EN 61000-6-4
EMC: Noise Immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
MTTF 65 years @ 40 °C
Technology Optical
Resolution Singleturn 13 bit
Total No. of Turns 12 bit
Multiturn Technology Mechanical Gearing (no Battery)
Accuracy (INL) ±0.0220° (14 – 16 bit), ±0.0439° (≤13 bit)
Code Binary
Environmental Specifications
Protection Class (Shaft) IP66/IP67
Protection Class (Housing) IP66/IP67
Operating Temperature -30 °C fixed (-22 °F), -5 °C flexible (+23 °F) – +70 °C (+158 °F)
Storage Temperature -40 °C (-40 °F) – +85 °C (+185 °F)
Humidity 98% RH, no condensation
Mechanical Data
Connection Cap Material Stainless Steel V4A (1.4404; 316 L)
Housing Material Stainless Steel V4A (1.4404, 316 L)
Housing Coating No Coating
Flange Type Solid Shaft ø 58mm ATEX
Flange Material Stainless steel V4A (1.4404, 316 L)
Shaft Type Blind Hollow, Depth = 30 mm
Shaft Diameter Ø10 mm (0.55″)
Rotor Inertia ≤ 35 gcm² [≤ 0.2 oz-in²]
Friction Torque ≤ 3 Ncm @ 20 °C (4.2 oz-in @ 68 °F)
Max. Permissible Mechanical Speed ≤ 3000 1/min
Shock Resistance ≤ 100 g (half sine 11 ms, EN 60068-2-27)
Vibration Resistance ≤ 10 g (10 Hz – 2000 Hz, EN 60068-2-6)
Length 134 mm (5.28″)
Weight 3110 g (6.86 lb)
Maximum Axial / Radial Misalignment Static ± 0.3 mm /± 0.5 mm; Dynamic ± 0.1 mm /± 0.2 mm
Electrical Connection
Connection Orientation Radial
Connection Type Cable / Connector
Minimum Bend Radius 50 mm (2″) fixed, 100 mm (4″) flexing