Application of encoder in AGV and steering wheel
Purpose: measure the driving speed of the AGV vehicle and the steering angle when turning;
Measure the steering angle of the steering wheel; Advantages: small size, high precision, good stability, cost-effective SSI
Recommended model: GMA-S3806-M12/13B4CLP-ZB;

Whether you’re working on Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Automated Guided Carts (AGC),  Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), or any of the other designations being used, robots and robotics are becoming increasingly important to industry, moving parts and materials in every environment from manufacturing to warehouses, to customer-facing grocery stores.

To ensure precision, it is vital that these automated machines do their jobs correctly. For that, the controllers require reliable motion feedback. And that’s where Encoder Products Company comes in.

Motion feedback functions in autonomous motion applications:
  • Lift control
  • Drive motor
  • Steering assembly
  • Redundancy

Lift control

Many automated vehicles and carts lift materials and products onto and off of shelves, floors of warehouses, or other storage areas. To do that repeatedly and reliably, the machines need precise, accurate motion feedback to ensure that products and materials get where they need to go, undamaged. Gertech’s draw wire solutions provide reliable motion feedback to ensure that lifts stop at the correct locations, safely moving products and materials where they need to go.

Motion feedback options for lift control

Gertech draw wire encoders——High performance with absolute feedback option

Gertech Draw wire series, is an excellent solution for lift control feedback, available with incremental encoders and absolute encoders offering CANopen® communication protocol.

Drive motor feedback

As automated vehicles and carts move around warehouses and other facilities, the motors on these vehicles and carts need reliable motion feedback to ensure that they remain in designated transit corridors/areas, and to ensure accurate stopping and starting.

Gertech motion feedback devices have been providing reliable, repeatable motion feedback on motors for more than 15 years. Our engineers and encoder experts understand motor applications and how to determine the right motion feedback device for drive motor feedback.

Encoders used for drive motor feedback

Hollow shaft incremental encoders——Compact, high-performance encoder available in thru-bore or blind hollow bore.



Absolute feedback for steering assemblies

Steering assemblies require precision to ensure the correct steering angle and drive path. The best way to ensure proper motion feedback in these applications is to use an absolute encoder. 

Absolute encoders ensure smart positioning, providing exact location in a 360-degree rotation. 

Gertech offers a range of absolute encoder solutions that can provide motion feedback. 

Encoders used for absolute feedback

Bus Absolute encoder——Compact 38 mm blind hollow bore single turn absolute encoder

Post time: Feb-28-2022